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Kentuckiana Nursing Service is a Medicaid-certified Family Home Provider organization. In the Family Home Provider (FHP) program, our company contracts with private citizens in the community to have them serve as FHP caregivers, providing residential services in their homes to persons with disabilities.

Each FHP goes through a screening process and specific training before being allowed to contract with our organization to provide this service. This Medicaid-based FHP model provides a family environment for support services, designed much like foster care.

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Providing a home and assistance for an adult with special needs is both rewarding and challenging. Couples or individuals are eligible to apply. You will be carefully matched with the person you can most successfully assist.

We help family home providers with training, guidance and 'round the clock telephone and emergency support. You must demonstrate a stable, caring home where an individual with a developmental disability such as occurs in cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, or mental retardation could be included comfortably. You will be reimbursed for services, room and board.

If you are interested to learn more about this program, please contact us.

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